Access Ramps


Access Ramps & Thresholds | Sold and Installed by Bach Medical Supply

Bach Medical Supply sells and installs custom access ramps and thresholds for home and business in Springfield Missouri and surrounding communities.

If you need help paying for my Access Ramp and installation.

You may qualify for one or more government grants, and if not you Bach Medical Supply offers easy financing.

Common Questions about Access Ramps

How do I know, which length of ramp to purchase?
ADA recommends 1:12 (1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of rise).
If you are using a mobility device such as a mobility scooter or power wheelchair you should consult with the manufacturer to see what incline ratio their devices can handle.

What materials do you use to construct your accessibility ramps?
Modular ramps are made of aluminum which is lightweight, yet durable and will not rust or corrode.
Other ramps are made from pressure-treated wood.

Are access ramps Medicare compliant?
Access ramps are not covered by Medicare; however, the VA offers grant money for lifts and ramps to eligible veterans.

Have questions about improving your home safety?
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