Bath Lifts

Seniors who are capable of handling their personal affairs and taking care of their daily needs on their own (or with minimal assistance) often find themselves worrying about falling and injuring themselves in the bathroom. They know that an injury like that would put an end to the independence. Thankfully, however, they can put their worries to rest by installing a bath lift, also known as a bathtub lift, in their shower or tub.

Bathtub lifts are mechanical chairs that fit in or over the tub and work in a similar fashion to a power lift chair or recliner. The motorized (battery-operated)seat lifts at an angle to allow the user to get in and out of the tub or shower safely and without putting added stress on their bones and joints. Bathtub lifts can also work to transfer the user from in and out of the tub or shower without having to stand up in the tub or shower.

Bathtub lifts for the elderly are a wonderful way to preserve their independence, provide them with an added measure of safety in their home, and help them maintain their dignity by giving them the ability to care for their own personal needs.

When purchasing a bathtub lift it is important to keep the following things in mind:

- The lift chair needs to be equipped with suction feet to keep it securely in place.
- It must be made of waterproof material.
- The bathtub lift chair should have holes or be made of mesh-type fabric to allow for drainage rather than having water pool in the seat.
- The user should feel safe and comfortable while sitting in the chair and should feel confident in using the lift mechanism.
- Additionally, you might want to consider a bathtub lift that has a reclining back to make it possible to wash hair in the shower, and/or one that folds easily for use when traveling.


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