FAQ Power Mobility

How is the proper equipment selected?

After reviewing the notes from your Face to Face Exam and Physical Therapist / Occupational Therapist Evaluation, Bach Medical Supply will help you find proper fitting equipment that meets your needs.


Are repairs covered by insurance? And where do I go for repairs?

If a patient’s insurance paid for their Power Mobility Device, then it most likely will also pay for repairs. Bach Medical Supply can order parts and provide most repairs for power wheelchairs and scooters in our Repair Center, located at our main retail location – 1711 E. Sunshine, in Springfield, Missouri.


Will insurance pay for ramps and/or vehicle lifts?

Insurance usually does not cover ramps, vehicle lifts, stair lifts or house modifications. Bach Medical Supply carries a large selection of accessibility ramps, vehicle lifts and platform carriers.


Will someone teach me how to use and maintain my new power wheelchair or scooter?

Yes. At Bach Medical Supply, our trained staff will make sure you can safely operate and maintain your new power wheelchair or scooter. If you have questions, we are only a phone call away : 417-883-1400 or 800-288-2224.


What options does Bach Medical Supply provide for patients who do not have insurance coverage for power wheelchairs or scooters?

Bach Medical Supply offers a large selection of both power wheelchairs and scooters for almost any budget. We also carry a large selection of pre-owned power wheelchairs and scooters that have been thoroughly refurbished by our Technicians. Contact us to see how we can help. We’ve been SW Missouri’s Mobility Specialists for more than 33 years.


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