How A Stair Lift Can Be Your Key To Independent Living

You have undoubtedly seen the commercial of the elderly man going up and down the stairs in his home effortlessly—all thanks to a stair lift. 

Stair lifts are motorized chairs on a track that allow seniors or those with disabilities to navigate the stairs in their homes. In doing so, these people are able to enjoy their entire home rather than being restricted to a single level or having to leave their home altogether. Stair lifts also:

  • Give people a much-needed sense of independence and freedom
  • Provide a measure of safety 
  • Allow family members to rest easier knowing their loved one is able to live on their own safely

But I still need to be able to access the stairway of my home

While there are a number of models and designs, the majority of stair lifts are compact and fit snugly against the wall; giving other family members plenty of room to got up and down the stairs with ease. Additionally, many stair lift chairs fold up when not in use. 

How does a stair lift work

Chair lift installers place a track system from the base of your stairway to the top landing. The chair is attached to this track and moves smoothly up and down by way of a small motor in the chair’s base. 

A remote control device is attached or installed at both the top and bottom of the stairs to ensure you are never without access to your stair lift. 

While there are electrical versions of power lift chairs, the most popular and feasible method of powering the chair is by using rechargeable batteries. Batteries will still work when the power is out—making sure no one is stranded in case of a power outage, and is less expensive to install due to the fact that power sources are not needed for installation on a stairway. 

Quality and cost

BRUNO stair lifts are the most popular brand on the market. With over thirty years of experience, Bruno is a family-owned business that takes pride in caring for your family and in providing people with options for independent living that is virtually barrier-free. 

Bruno is not the only brand of stair lifts available, nor is it always necessary to purchase a new stair lift. Once a lift is no longer needed, family members often have them removed from the home. Information on used stair lifts is usually available from your health care provider, a medical supply company, or from individuals. Another option is to rent a stair lift. 

The cost of a stair lift varies greatly; depending on the type of lift, the size of the lift, the brand, and even the accessories that come with the lift. Prices for the most basic lift begin around $1,000 and go up to $15,000. 

Things to consider 

If you find yourself or a family member in need of a stair lift, it is important to take the following into consideration:

  • Will the lift be used indoors or outdoors? Both are available. 
  • Do you need the lift to be a straight lift or a curved lift (one that extends beyond the stair landing on either end)?
  • Stair lifts are not covered by Medicare, but part or all of the cost may be tax-deductible.
  • Many companies offer display units you can try out to see which one works best for your situation.
  • If the person or people using the lift need an extra bit of security, a security ‘arm’ is available on many models to keep them safely in the chair while it is in motion.

The ability to live independently is of great importance to most seniors and to those with disabilities. A chair lift is often a key factor in making this possible. The question we have for you is this: why wouldn’t you do your best to make that happen for your loved one or for yourself? 

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