Bathroom Safety

Escape Plus Walk-in Bath TubBathroom safety is the number-one concern for senior citizens. And rightly so, since falls in the bathroom are the number one reason for injuries that lead to nursing home admittances and even death. No senior wants to think about these things. They want to age in place. So why not help make that happen?

Thankfully it is relatively easy and inexpensive to take specific and effective bathroom safety measures that will greatly increase the chances of you or your loved one being able to enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Simple bathroom remodels that include the installation of grab bars by the toilet and in and out of the shower should be your number one priority. If a walk-in shower is not already there, installing a walk-in shower or walk-in tub should also be at the top of the list, as should a bath chair for either the shower or tub.

Bathroom safety via a bathroom remodel is also money well spent. Walk-in showers or tub, grab bars, non-slip texture on tub and shower floors, and other such things pay for themselves in saving medical bills, home-health or nursing home care expenses. As for making it possible for you or your loved one to age in place safely…that part of your investment is priceless.

Bathroom safety equipment is available for sale in Springfield, Missouri. Purchasing bathroom safety equipment for your bathroom remodel from a local business is always the better choice; giving you the ability to make selections you can actually see and touch before having them installed or brought into your home.