Bath Chairs - Benches

ProBasics Shower ChairBath chairs and benches are an excellent way to ensure the safety of senior citizens or someone dealing with disabilities resulting in mobility issues. Bath chairs allow them to maintain a high level of independence in self-care while ensuring their safety in what can often be a hazardous environment. Bath chairs should be equipped with rubber ‘feet’ so they won’t slide on floor surface of the tub or shower.

Bath chairs should also be waterproof, have holes in the seat and back to prevent pooling of water, and should be able to hold the person’s full weight; being heavy enough to not tip when the user leans over or stands up. Another valuable resource in bathroom safety is a transfer bench. Transfer benches are moveable benches that do just what the name implies—they transfer the user from in or out of the tub or shower without them standing up. Transfer benches eliminate the risk of slipping and falling while getting in our out of the shower or tub. Bath chairs or benches are a must when considering a home safety overhaul if you want to do all you can to keep yourself or your loved on safe. Besides, it’s such a simple and inexpensive fix, so why wouldn’t you? Bath chairs and benches are available in Springfield, MO; making it easy to choose the best option for you and your home.


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