Bathroom Grab Bars

Drive 12"Suction Cup Grab BarOne of the easiest fixes in the area of home bathroom safety is the installation of bathroom grab bars. Bathroom grab bars are handles designed to handle the weight of a person needing to steady themselves when getting in and out of the tub or shower, sitting down to use the toilet, and then helping to pull themselves back up to a standing position.

Bathroom grab bars aren’t just an easy fix, though. They are a proven measure of safety that keeps thousands of seniors living safely in their own homes instead of in a rehab facility or nursing home because of injuries sustained in a fall in their bathroom.

Bathroom grab bars come in a variety of colors to help blend with your home’s décor. Bathroom grab bars also come in varying degrees of weight capacity. In other words, you need to make sure the shower grab bars or grab bars you install in other parts of the bathroom are rated to take the weight of the person or people depending on them.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the handles on the shower door or the bar that comes installed in a shower (to hang a washcloth on) can take the place of shower grab bars. These bars are not meant to bear the weight of someone needing assistance to sit or stand. Depending on these cosmetic features of your shower is a dangerous thing to do.

Likewise, don’t think that a towel bar can serve as a shower grab bar or grab bar in the tub or by the toilet. Even if they are anchored into wall studs (which they should be, anyway), they are not made to take the weight of someone pulling or leaning on them. And they won’t. They will pull away from the wall or break; causing you or your loved one to fall.

Bathroom grab bars are readily available for sale in Springfield, MO and can be installed correctly and safely by following the manufacturer’s directions. Don’t put off this easy, inexpensive, and essential bathroom safety fix. Do it today.

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