Toilet Safety Risers - Rails

Stand Alone Toilet Safety RailTaking care of our own personal hygiene and bathroom needs is something we all want to be able to do for as long as possible. Seniors and those living with disabilities know first-hand how much this means when it comes to maintaining a sense of dignity and independence. That’s why having toilet safety risers, toilet safety rails, and raised toilet seats are something everyone needs to think about.

Raised toilet seats are actually becoming more common in most newer homes being built today. Builders know that as we age, our needs change and that one of those needs is to be able to sit and stand from the toilet with as little stress and strain on our bodies. Simply put, the less distance we have to ‘travel’ when going from a sitting or standing position, the better.

But even then, sometimes that isn’t enough. Portable raised toilet seats that fit over the toilet already in place make it easier for those recovering from joint replacements and other similar surgeries to use the bathroom on their own.

For those needing a more permanent fix, toilet safety risers and toilet safety rails are available for sale in Springfield, MO, as well. Toilet safety risers and rails fit ‘around the toilet and allow the user to safely and securely grab hold of the rails on each side and pull themselves up or lower themselves down.

The sense of independence and safety one gets from having toilet safety risers or rails and/or a raised toilet seat might not seem like much to people who don’t think twice about running a 5K or taking the stairs because they want to. But when you are older, recovering from an injury or surgery, or living with a disability, these things are about as important as it gets.


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