Walk-in Bath Tubs & Showers

barrier free installationWalk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers shouldn’t be an option when talking about bathroom configurations and bathroom safety for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Walk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers greatly reduce the threat of falls in the bathroom—falls that result in broken bones and other serious injuries that usually lead to extended hospital, rehab facility, or nursing home stays. Sometimes, injuries sustained from bathroom falls even lead to death. Walk-in showers are pretty standard in newer houses (houses built 1990s and beyond), so if the senior in your life lives in a newer home, they probably already have this issue resolved. But since a large percentage of seniors in need of increased bathroom safety live in older homes—the homes they have lived in for years—a bathroom remodel to install a walk-in shower or walk-in tub should take place asap. Walk-in showers can replace a standard tub with a moderate amount of mess and a fairly small monetary investment. The work should always be done, however, by someone who knows what they are doing. Walk-in tubs require a bit more expertise in installation and are a bit more expensive, but for seniors and disabled people who cannot bathe from a standing position or who might benefit from optional water jet features, a walk-in bathtub may be exactly what your bathroom remodel needs. Bathroom remodels that include walk-in bath tubs and walk-in showers can be done within a matter of a few short days. So why wait?

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