Fall Safety - Prevention

Senior Monitoring | Panic Buttons | Wellness SolutionsAging in place is the number-one desire of senior citizens. And the number-one way to help make sure that happens is to make sure their home is equipped with all the fall-safety prevention measures possible.

Fall-safety prevention measures include:

• The installation of grab bars in the shower or tub and by the toilet
• Making sure the surfaces of tubs and showers are slip-resistant
• Providing your seniors with reach-n-grab tools so they don’t have to climb on step stools
• Making sure rugs are securely in place
• Installing stair lifts if necessary for them to and from a second level or basement easily and safely
• Providing walkers, pill organizers, scooter chairs, walk-in showers or tubs, and other such safety measures that make like safer and doable on their own

Fall-safety prevention does a lot more than help ensure a senior’s ability to age in place, though. Fall-safety prevention gives loved ones peace of mind, saves on medical costs resulting from injuries requiring hospital stays and rehabilitation, and greatly reduces the chances of needing to spend a senior’s entire life savings for nursing home care.

Fall-safety prevention is usually done in stages according to the needs of the person being looked after. The preventative measures also vary in price and degrees of work involved. But one thing that isn’t a variable is this: The importance of taking any and all fall-safety preventative measures. Your loved one is worth it.


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