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Safety-wellness monitoring is becoming more and more popular among seniors and their loved ones and/or caregivers. And with good reason. Safety-wellness monitoring or senior monitoring works to provide loved ones and caregivers with peace of mind knowing their loved one won’t have to go unassisted if they fall or injure themselves or if they wander off and cannot find their way home. Here’s how it works:

Safety-wellness monitoring systems provide users with a panic button they wear around their neck. If they fall, get sick, fear for their safety, or are injured in some other way, they simply push the panic button. Upon pushing the panic button, the safety-wellness monitoring system alerts a call center similar to 9-1-1. The call centers are manned 24/7 and alert the medical emergency response team in your area or the person listed as an emergency contact—whichever is appropriate.

Senior monitoring systems are another form of safety-wellness monitoring. The senior monitoring system can be worn on the ankle or other part of the body. When the wearer goes beyond the pre-designated boundaries, an alarm sounds. This form of senior monitoring system is of tremendous benefit to those caring for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These systems allow both the patient and the caregiver a certain amount of freedom and reduced stress and worry that is essential and well-deserved in such cases.

Safety-wellness monitoring systems—whether they be for keeping track of a loved one or providing them with a panic button in case of emergencies—have proven to be a wonderful means for maintaining a greater degree of independence with the ever-important element of safety built in.


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