Walkers - Rollators

Walkers and rollators are excellent home safety devices. Walkers and rollators make it possible for seniors and people recovering from injuries and surgery to get around safely and efficiently.

Walkers and rollators allow users to get around the house, do their shopping, go to and from the mailbox, take short walks through the neighborhood, and enjoy outings with their family and friends without falling and without tiring before the job or fun is over.

Walkers are usually simple aluminum u-shaped mechanisms with wheels that allow the user to lean on them for stability and support while they push the walker along to get where they need to be.

Rollators are constructed of heavier materials, their wheels are larger and have better traction on a variety of surfaces, and rollators have a handbrake like that you find on a bicycle.

Many rollators also have seats to allow users to sit when they get tired of standing and walking. This is especially nice to have when in a museum, a park, or waiting for a friend to finish their shopping.

Walkers and rollators are usually one of the first things people ‘call on’ when needing mobility assistance. Thankfully that isn’t hard to do. Walkers and rollators are readily available for rent or purchase in Springfield, MO.


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