Pediatric Medical Equipment

When we think of home and personal medical equipment, we automatically think about senior citizens and people with disabilities. But that is not always the case. Parents often find their children in need of pediatric medical equipment.

Pediatric medical equipment most often consists of:

• Wheelchairs
• Walkers
• Hospital beds
• Bath or shower chairs
• Breathing machines
• Sleep monitors for the prevention of SIDS
• Inhalers

It is essential that someone in need of pediatric medical equipment doesn’t settle for adult-sized equipment that has been modified to suit the purposes it is needed for. Children need medical equipment built specifically for them to ensure safe usage and proper fitting. Trying to use adult medical equipment in place of pediatric medical equipment can cause serious injuries or harm to a child. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Pediatric medical equipment should also be highly durable. Hey, kids will be kids even when they are sick or injured, so durable medical equipment is a must so that it will hold up under the wear and tear it receives and so that children won’t be at risk for injuries when it fails.

Both parents and children should be trained in proper handling and operation of the equipment to ensure optimal benefit from its usage.


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