Power Wheelchairs

Pride Jazzy Air Power WheelchairPower wheelchairs have proven to be a God-send to countless people confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis, illnesses, or injuries. Power wheelchairs allow these people to maintain a sense of mobility they wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. These electric or motorized chairs also allow users to be more independent vs. having to rely on someone to always be present to push a manual chair for them. Power wheelchairs come in all sizes and with a varying degree of ‘bells and whistles’. It is imperative, however, that the person confined to a power wheelchair of someone that depends solely on their motorized chair be fitted to the chair. Being fitted for an electric wheelchair is essential for the prevention of sores (like bed sores) and to maintain optimal blood circulation throughout the body. The chair should also be able to tilt backwards at varying angels to help with circulation and aid in the prevention of blood clots. Power wheelchairs should also be charged regularly to ensure the user doesn’t get ‘stuck’ somewhere without power. These chairs should also be serviced regularly for optimal use and safety. Additionally, the chair should be made of breathable, easy-to-clean fabric and provide proper cushioning and support. Power wheelchairs are available for sale and can be serviced by local professional technicians in Springfield, MO. So if you find yourself or your loved on in need of a power wheelchair, you can get what you need locally.


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