Bach Medical Supply - Store PicturesScooters, also known as mobility scooters or electric scooters are becoming more and more common among seniors and bariatric patients. Scooters allow seniors and bariatric patients to enjoy a greater degree of mobility and independence they wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy due to the decreased mobility that often accompanies old age or obesity.

Mobility scooters, aka electric scooters are chairs on wheels powered by a motorized battery pack. Scooters are steered using either a steering mechanism in front of the chair or on the arm of the chair.

Learning to use a scooter isn’t difficult—it’s a lot like driving a mini car…only easier. 

Scooters are extremely useful for those in need of mobility assistance. Scooters:

• Allow users to enjoy ‘walking’ through the park or tourist attractions with their family and friends

• Allow users to do their own shopping (they are almost always equipped with a small cart or basket)

• Allow users to go to and from their mailbox without assistance

• Allow users to enjoy ‘strolling’ around the yard without fear of falling Mobility and electric scooters can also be used with powerlifts in vehicles to make transporting the scooter easier.

But a powerlift is not necessary. While scooters aren’t exactly lightweight, they are not impossible to transport in a vehicle. People do it all the time with no problems at all.


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