Stair Lifts & Platform Lifts

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Stairlifts can help patients with ALS to stay in their homes longer.

The aging process, aka getting old, isn’t always what we want it to be. Sometimes it comes with challenges we’d rather not have to deal with—especially the challenge of decreased mobility. Thankfully stair lifts and platform lifts are readily available to anyone facing such a challenge.

Stair lifts make it possible for elderly people to remain in their own homes by making it possible for them to safely navigate stairways without climbing the stairs. Platform lifts allow those who are wheelchair dependent get in and out of a vehicle; making it possible for them to maintain both their mobility and social life. 

Stair lifts are safe and easy to operate, don’t detract from the beauty of the home. Stair lifts are also cost-effective—especially in comparison to the expense of medical care, in-home nursing care or nursing home costs due to injuries resulting from a fall. 

Platform lifts are designed to be fitted onto any vehicle large enough to accommodate a wheelchair—usually a minivan, larger SUVs or full-sized vans. The lift makes it possible for someone confined to a wheelchair to drive or ride in a vehicle safely and comfortably. 

Both stair lifts and platform lifts can be purchased locally. There are many benefits of having these items for sale in Springfield, Missouri—the primary one being knowing you can speak with an actual person that is knowledgeable on the subject and that cares about you and your loved one. 

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