Backpacker PLUS Vehicle Lift

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Get enhanced construction and a fresh new look with the Backpacker® Plus Interior Lift.

Backpacker Interior Lifts are specifically engineered for scooter and power chair transportation while providing concealment and weather protection for your mobility product.

The low-profile, one-piece design, allows for easy loading and unloading of your mobility product –simply drive on and off the all-steel constructed platform.

Features include a durable 12-volt motor with easy-to-use two-button hand control for simple and reliable operation.

Most applications do not require drilling or vehicle modification and include a quick install kit of ease of installation.

The quality construction and design you expect from Pride® Mobility Products
350 lbs. lifting capacity
Easy-to-use 2-button hand control
Can lift a variety of Pride® Scooters and Power Chairs
Adjustable wheel chocks on platform surface


Backpacker Plus Specifications

Model : Backpacker Plus Interior Lift
Base Weight : 155 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight : 350 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width : 27″
Overall Platform Length : 44″ (43″ usable surface)
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground : 26″
Motor : Sealed 12 volt DC
Warranty : 3-year transferable
Options : Battery pack w/charger
Vehicle Platform : Minivan, Cross-over, Full-size van


Backpacker Plus Accessories

Battery Pack
The addition of the power source eliminates the need for wires to be run from the lift to the automobile battery when installed, thus reducing installation time, cost, and complexity

By using the battery pack option, the lifts can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another