Commander 400 Vehicle Lift

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The Commander 400 Exterior Lift is perfect for pick-up trucks and delivers maximum durability.

The Commander 400 Exterior powered boom style lift is the perfect user-friendly lift option for pick-up trucks that provides fast loading and unloading of your mobility device.

Standard with a 400 lb. lifting capacity for heavier power chairs and scooters, it is available in 2 & 3 axis.

This lift delivers maximum durability, with the ability to lift and lower your mobility device to the ground over the truck's tailgate and/or over the side back into the truck bed with ease.

Most adjustable lift on the market
Water-resistant electronics
2 axis and 3 axis configurations
Telescoping mounting brackets
400 lbs. weight capacity
Coastal community powder coating

Commander 400 Specifications

Model : Commander 400
Base Weight : 109 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight : 400 lbs.
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground : 70″
Motor : 12 Volt DC
Warranty : 3-year transferable
Vehicle Platform : Full-size van, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover