CPAP Hose Lift

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The new improved CPAP Hose Lift suspends your CPAP tubing overhead, eliminating hose hassle entanglement and the tugging on your mask while you sleep.

The lightest, most compact hose management device on the market.

It is the only hose management device that easily fits within any CPAP machine travel case.

  • High quality aluminum design makes it nimble yet strong – compact and lightweight
  • Dual use for Home and Travel.
  • Reversible double bend mast – allowing an optional reduction in height and increase in reach
  • Tubular base bar made of molded fiberglass and aluminum that is integrally connected to the mast
  • 14% larger
  • Redesigned deep socket mast connection, and a mast-to-base cord lock that provides an even more stable platform in hose suspension support
  • Curly Cord “roller” incorporated onto the loop to make moving the suspended hose quick and easy

Total weight with all components including travel bag: 5.7 ounces

Erected height: approximately 41”