Outlander TM Vehicle Lift

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The Outlander TM Exterior Lift is easy to use and engineered for travel mobility scooters.

The Outlander TM Exterior Lift was specifically designed with travel mobility scooters in mind for an easy-to-use power-operated lift to take your travel mobility scooter with you.

The open platform reduces the overall weight of the lift system to increase compatibility with Class II hitches.

The lift features an integrated automatic scooter lockdown arm designed to provide a secure self-locking mechanism for compatible mobility scooters.

Simple, hitch-based installation requires little to no modification of your vehicle and allows for easy removal.

150 lbs. lifting capacity
Integrated scooter lockdown arm
Lifts Go-Go® Travel Mobility Scooters and a variety of other manufacturers’ travel mobility scooters
Available for Class II, III, and IV hitches
On/off switch and toggle switch for up/down
Electrical housing offset to the driver’s side for ease of access
Manual override
Puddle light for ease of use at night

Outlander TM Specification

Model : Outlander TM Exterior Lift
Base Weight : 79 lbs
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight : 150 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width : 24″
Overall Platform Length : 39″
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground : 21″
Motor : Fully sealed 12V DC
Warranty : 3-year
Hitch Class3 : II, III, IV


Outlander TM Accessories

Swing-Away Adapter – Lift Accessory
The newly redesigned Swing-Away Adaptor allows the Outlander Exterior Lift to effortlessly pivot away from a vehicle for even easier access to trunks, cargo spaces, lift gates or tailgates.

New auto-latching mechanism features a larger diameter pivot post, ensuring increased strength, durability and a smoother operation
Enlarged handle and safety locking pin provide improved usability

Lightweight, streamlined design with enhanced rust protection offer reliable Pride Tough™ quality and sleek aesthetics
Internally routed wiring harness eliminates pinched wires and protects against weather elements and exhaust heat.

Compatible with Class II,III, IV hitches
350 lb. weight capacity
Weighs only 41 lbs.
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Hitch Extension
The hitch extension tube adds an additional 4″ of clearance between vehicle and lift while maintaining a weight capacity of 325 lbs.
This helps provide you with extra clearance if your vehicle posses a recessed hitch.

Weather Cover
Available for scooters and power chairs
This one-piece cover helps keep the outside elements away from your mobility device while traveling
It shields your whole mobility device, protecting the electronics while keeping the seat clean and dry.

NOTE: When used on an outside lift system, the weather covers must be secured not only with the drawstring, but also with a heavy gauge nylon cord threaded through the grommets and secured to the mobility device. The drawstring closure should only be used by itself during stationary storage, such as on a porch or in a garage.