ZZZ Cleaner

Regular price $199.00

Using Activated Oxygen to eliminate any bacteria, mold or viruses it comes in contact with, the ZZZ Cleaner has a 99.9% kill rate, and costs half as much as other leading cleaners.

The ZZZ Cleaner's small size means that it can easily fit on a bedside table, or in a carry-on for travel.

Sanitizes without Chemicals or Water in just 25 minutes.

The ZZZ Cleaner has a rechargeable built in battery so it can be used anywhere.

Recharges with a standard USB plug.

No matter who manufactured your CPAP, the ZZZ Cleaner will clean it, with no adapter needed. Heated tubing?  No adapter needed.  Cleans any mask, no adapter needed.

The ZZZ Cleaner is also quiet, You probably won't be able to even hear it unless you put it right next to your ear.  Small, Quiet, Effective, and the Most Affordable CPAP Cleaner available.  What more could you ask for?